Midnight on Friday, Nick Demey from The Board of Innovation direct messaged me on Twitter, asking if I could review two student presentations as part of 24 Hours of Innovation. The assignment had been to advance 3 new automotive concepts based on business models from the music/entertainment business.

One presentation was from a US team, the other from a Belgian team. I’d recommend taking a look at both. Pay particular attention to three lessons on presenting new ideas demonstrated by the Belgian students:

  1. They show their mindmap – great for highlighting the transformative variables and range of ideas considered.
  2. A single slide upfront contained short descriptions of all three concepts – a helpful reference to understand what was coming.
  3. Each business model concept featured both text and visual representations – this provided a deeper sense of the concepts.

We can all learn from these techniques that make a document more likely to receive executive review. Thanks Nick for allowing me to participate in this hour of the 24 Hours of Innovation!

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2 Responses to “24 Hours of Innovation – Student Challenge: Music and Entertainment Meet the Auto Industry”

  1. Philippe says:

    Mike, thanks for the review. Was there a particular concept that you liked most?

  2. Mike Brown says:

    Philippe – Here was my email review back to Nick. Thanks for asking! Mike:

    Overall – If choosing between the two groups on multiple dimensions, the group from Belgium would get the top mark. There were seeds of realistic opportunity in each concept and the presentation structure was well suited to executive review (i.e. presented all 3 concepts upfront, provided a view of what was explored in case other options needed to be quickly considered, one page format for ideas showed all of key elements with relevant business model graphic). Among the 3 ideas, Car Surfing was very intriguing – addresses a variety of market needs (greater value than substitutes, provides a way to generate cash from idle assets, supported by online model, can use model & incentives to manage performance of both customers and suppliers, etc.).

    SF group ideas were interesting, with clear ties to music industry models, but only the GINA remix concept seemed to pass an initial review (the Virgin Transport idea is cool, but has some potential killer issues related to density/fixed cost/yield management issues; the GM Access concept was less clear, and likely too much of a reach for the GM brand). Thought GINA remix was probably a stronger articulation of the similar "01 Create Your Own Car" concept from the Belgium team.

    Hope the feedback is helpful to the teams. Thanks for the opportunity to provide comments Nick.