If you’re blogging, there’s a reason why you write a blog post when you do. The reason you pick a certain topic when you write a blog post may be strategic and linked directly to your audience persona. Many times, though, the reasons aren’t so well-aligned. They may be based on convenience, silliness, frustration, or simply running out of other ideas. Thinking about this got me wondering about why I write a blog post on any given day. Going back through the Brainzooming blog during the last few months, here are 28 reasons that have prompted me to write a blog post:

1.  I have something to say.

2.  Something occurs to me.

3.  I made a commitment to publish every day, and I need to publish a post.

4.  I’m hoping you’ll be interested in the subject matter.

5.  Enough tweets on one topic have built up to fill a blog post.

6.  There aren’t any guest blog posts to run.

7.  I want to share an idea with you.

8.  It’s an attempt to attract new readers.

9.  The topic interests me.

10. I’m trying to improve the blog’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy performance.

11. To create a new reference piece for you.

12. To create a new reference post for me so I can return to the information later.

13. Sharing what I learned at a conference or event.

14. It’s a way to complain about something.

15. I’m inspired by a topic.

16. I’m uninspired creatively.

17. The topic doesn’t require a long post.

18. The post is easily adapted from something I’ve already written.

19. It allows me to pass along advice to someone without having to say it directly.

20. It’s an experiment.

21. To thank or show appreciation to someone publicly.

22. Because somebody asked me to write about it.

23. It’s all I can come up with at the time.

24. I want to make sure a specific person sees the post because they need its lesson.

25. Somebody did some really cool work that needs to be shared.

26. There hasn’t been a social media-related post for several days.

27. It’s an opportunity to provide additional information related to a presentation I’m doing.

28. To see if I can twist an off-the-wall topic to be about strategy, creativity, or innovation.

So along with the idea that any subject can be a blog post, it’s clear that there are scads of reasons for writing a blog post.

If you’re on the fence about blogging or you write infrequently because you’re not feeling the creative motivation, realize you don’t have to have a single motivation to blog.

For those of you blogging already, what reasons spur you to take on the blog topics you write about? Let me know in the comments! 

And for all the reasons TO WRITE, there are also reasons to NOT WRITE a blog post. One of them is that I don’t run a post on Good Friday, so the next post will be Monday.  –  Mike Brown

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Mike Brown

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7 Responses to “28 Reasons to Write a Blog Post”

  1. Jim Joseph says:

    I often write because I see something in the “news” that I think I can add a marketing point of view to. I like to look at life through the lens of marketing, and I find it fun to put a marketing spin on things that might not automatically be seen as marketing. Jim

    • Anonymous says:

      I really admire your ability to keep your blog so news-based, Jim. It’s a challenge for me to do that, so I’m always in awe when someone has the discipline and commitment to be as timely with blog posts as you are at http://jimjosephexp.blogspot.com/.

      If you haven’t already, I’d definitely recommend Brainzooming readers check Jim’s blog out!

  2. James Watts says:

    I set up my own ‘personal development’ blog with the sole purpose of blogging to improve my writing. It’s a place where I don’t have to worry about numbers or stats and just concentrate on the writing.

    • Mike Brown says:

      That’s a great idea, James! The discipline and practice of writing regularly yield tremendous benefits in improving writing (and even broader communications) skills. 

  3. Sean says:

    It seems the best, most popular blogs have found a niche. Please disabuse of me that notion, if not true. If true, and attracting readers is your goal, how can a blogger possibly do that w/o a focus on a particular subject/area of concern? Also, it seems that to maintain a blog that people will actually read amid the gazillion of other blogs out there, original content is king, no? In my eyes blogs where people are simply sharing random thoughts, perhaps for therapeutic purposes, are just unrefined white noise better left unsaid, or confined to an actual physical diary/journal… or maybe I’m just suffering from a severe case of info overload with a touch of cynicism??


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