Exploring Twitter has been part of early changes in my 2009 online strategy. Getting exposed to interesting ideas has been one of the advantages so far. Here’s a re-presentation of quotes and links that reflect Brainzooming-oriented perspectives.

Get your clicking finger ready and head off to the web to see as many of these interesting points and people as you’d like. Have fun, and follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/mikebrown!


  • “Once dust settles from layoffs, we will see a surge of startups and innovation in 2009/10-what greatness lies ahead?” @amckinnis
  • “Trying to get people to realize that innovation & transformation doesn’t come from doing what you are currently doing better” @robstoltz
  • “I agree. I also think that working under constraints encourages creativity and innovation.” @TaraAgacayak: @doshdosh
  • “The metal Slurpee straw may be the greatest beverage intake innovation in the history of beverages.” @emily_l_f
  • “Right now, you could be grinning. Why aren’t you?” @DesignPepper
  • “Strategy is the art of sacrifice.” @bbhlabs “What won’t you do?” may be toughest question to answer.
  • “Always question the status quo. Complacency is no one’s friend.” Great thought for the day! @BethHarte


  • Just posted business growth tip (listen, adapt & deliver) on @smallbiztrends at http://adjix.com/2hp4
  • Posted “7 Tips for Marketing in Tough Times” on Business Exchange. http://tinyurl.com/77uhte Thnx @michaelgass for pointing out this list.
  • Best co-worker quote this week: “Things are always better with collaboration.” So true! http://tinyurl.com/a3uk9x
  • Priest @ mass: “My 100 yr old aunt can’t believe how times flies. She can’t find time to get everything done!” That’s a wonderful life.
  • Innovation = A fundamental, valuable improvement relative to the status quo. reply to @stonepayton
  • Great Cust Exp-KCI airport parking attendant said, “Welcome home” at end of transaction! She didn’t have to, so it really stands out!
  • Dan Hesse in Central Park – Sprint TV Commercial – “Are those snowflakes with all the leaves on the trees?”
  • Not sure who said it: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When life hands you gators, make gatorade.”
  • “My Generation” by The Who on a Pepsi TV ad? Used to be you’d have to wait until the Super Bowl to see pop culture go that far off track!


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