• Be friendly to people who may not seem to “count.” Chances are they do count, and you simply don’t realize it yet.
  • Ask questions, or at least listen more than you talk. You’ll appear smarter, in part, because of all the things you’ll learn.
  • Say “please” and “thank you” very often. You’ll seem nicer than you probably are.
  • Be “quick” to apologize. That means both doing it sooner than later and getting it over with fast. Don’t dwell on the mistake.
  • Actually do and repeat the four previous ideas!!! Mike Brown
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Mike Brown

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4 Responses to “5 Get Ahead Ideas”

  1. TODD SCHNICK says:

    Great things to think about. Seem simple, yet they are profound. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Leslie says:

    Things our mothers taught us…and they are very smart women!

  3. AbhinavatST says:

    You should also write a self-help or personal lifestyles blog, because I've seen some tips that apply to many areas – not just business.

    These ones in particular are a great baseline way to open doors that would probably have remained closed, if your demeanor was neutral, apathetic, and definitely if negative.

  4. Mike Brown says:

    Thanks for the comments on this post.

    Never fails to amaze me…simple posts often elicit the most attention. Received a number of tweets throughout the day on this from folks (such as yourselves) that I really respect. Very humbling.

    It was only tonight that I noticed #1 also showed up in a slight variation in a post from last week: http://bit.ly/3OBUD0

    I guess when someone ignores me when she doesn't know me and gushes 2 hours later when she finds out who I am, makes it all seems pretty hollow (although it does make for a great story).