Great artists inspire you to your own greatness.

Creativity doesn’t have to happen in order.

Not everything we can imagine is worthwhile, needed, or has an overall positive benefit, so imagine and then refine.

A happy person develops the ability to truly care less (if at all) about things that really don’t concern them.

Good sentiment is comforting. Action moves things forward.

People aren’t necessarily fascinated by the most important things.

When you’re trying to be quiet, you can often wind up making the most noise.

God works in mischievous ways.

Mike Brown 


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Mike Brown

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9 Responses to “8 Quick Truths about Creativity, Happiness, and God”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a problem with #4 … personally, and as part of this list. Caring about stuff that doesn’t concern you is challenging to do, but necessary. And I think creativity often is needed to conquer this challenge, and possibly the world.

    • Mike Brown says:

      Number 4, Dave, comes from people who get caught in stuff that has no real impact on much of anything for them. For me, that used to be the Kansas City Chiefs. My Mondays would be dictated by how the Chiefs did on Sunday. At some point I realized the Chiefs didn’t “concern” me, in the sense that I had no social, personal, spiritual, financial, or any other stake in their fate outside of a slight sense of civic pride. 

      I put number 4 on the list most recently because of a conversation with someone who is VERY concerned about intra-day swings in the stock market even though it has no bearing on them in any way.I don’t mean number 4 to suggest people shouldn’t pay attention or act on bigger social issues which should be of concern to them. But getting overly caught up in things which have no meaningful relationship to you can help you be a lot happier.

      • Hi Mike, love the post! : )

        This #4 was actually my favorite because I think it’s so easy for people to get caught up in these things over which they have no influence and really make no substantive difference in their lives anyway. It’s the non-productive emotional output on these items that take away time and focus from the things that really do matter and for which you can make a difference.

        Congrats to you for recognizing that! Did it make your Mondays better and your family happier to not have you so emotionally wrapped up in it?

        • Mike Brown says:

          My Mondays got a lot better right away. At the start of Marty Schottenheimer’s last season as coach, I could just tell this wasn’t going to be good. That change in focus definitely led to happier times – whether the Chiefs are doing well or not.

          • AlexanderG says:

            I may be in that spiral. The Sooners already had me (until this very embarrassing last weekend) and now the Chiefs have sucked me in. I think I just like to see Davids beat Goliaths. But I digress. Nice post.

  2. Jim Joseph says:

    Creativity rarely happens in order!  I’ve learned that the hard way!  Love the sentiments!  Jim

    • Mike Brown says:

      The secret I’ve found, Jim, is leaving enough time and mind space so that you don’t have to force creativity to be in order. Afford yourself the opportunity to mix and match creative output to get a great final product.

  3. Sonya says:

    Just my response: 
    A great artist is one whose work you can connect with; those
    are the ones that inspire others – connecting through the human condition.

    Whoever said creativity has an order? It is more about getting out of your own way and other than that a serious of choices.

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Just because
    something pops in your brain or just because you feel something doesn’t mean it
    should pop out your mouth.

    A happy person is free of the ego, the false self. Also,
    studies show that the happiest people have the most connections with others;
    yep that whole human contact thing really does matter – more than age, health,
    wealth, . . . etc.

    Good sentiment is like moral outrage, fairly useless.

    People are fascinated when ordinary things are put in a new/compelling perspective. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    Thoughts are real things; they are where actions come
    from so you might want to work on developing some discipline in regards to what
    you think, especially since that’s in large part where your life is created

    To achieve a sense quiet/of being one must learn, in this
    world of extreme and continuous stimulation, to be quiet from within – a
    challenging but utterly powerful and worthy goal.

    God works in efficient ways; nothing ever serves just a single


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