I reported earlier this week on a Twitter-based contest to define the word “innovation” in 140 characters or less (i.e. the maximum length for a message on Twitter). Over the course of the week, there are several definitions I’ve supplied and now it’s time to vote on your favorites by noon EST on Friday, January 23.

To review all the entries in the IDEF 140 (Innovation DEFinition) contest, click here.

If you’re inclined to vote for one of my definitions, consider choosing #2, “Innovation – The magic of imagining, implementing, & improving upon what’s been done before to benefit others” since it seems to be the favorite among my submissions.

If you’re not on Twitter currently, vote in the contest by starting at step 1. If you’re already on Twitter, you can start at step 2.

Step 1. Go to http://www.twitter.com/ and join. All you need to enter is your name, your desired user name, and password.

Step 2. Once you’re on Twitter, go to the home page and in the box at the top of the page under the question “What are you doing?” paste the following:
@toddschnick 2-Innovation – The magic of imagining, implementing, & improving upon what’s been done before to benefit others. #IDEF140

Step 3. Hit enter.

Thanks for supporting the contest, whether you vote for my entries or not!

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Random inputs provide a great way to trigger creative thinking. But if you’re really stuck, coming up with rich random inputs may even be challenging. Arghhhhhh!

If you’re there, go to “Writer’s Window,” a website that generates random ideas to incorporate into stories, drawings, presentations or any other creative endeavor staring you in the face! Use the random idea provided, asking questions such as:

  • How does the random idea fit with my situation?
  • How is my situation like the random idea?
  • If my situation and the random idea collided with each other, what would happen?

The combinations created should get you going in an exciting, new creative direction!

SPECIAL NOTE -Starting at Noon on 1/22/2009, you can begin voting for your favorite “innovation” definition under 140 characters long, by clicking here. I submitted these 6 possibilities:

  • Innovation = Shattering the status quo into a million pieces that reform into something much better and more beneficial.
  • Innovation = ((thinking randomly + borrowing liberally) / implementing successfully) * persistence * time
  • Innovation = The ability of @Macker to create scads of “innovation” definitions.
  • Innovation = The magic of imagining, implementing, & improving upon what’s been done before to benefit others.
  • Innovation = A fundamental, valuable improvement relative to the status quo.
  • Innovation = Taking NO, not for an answer, but for the inspiration to bring something beautifully new and wonderful to life.

Be sure to vote for one of mine, but only if you think it really deserves it!

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Lori Schade forwarded a cool site from the Art Institute of Vancouver with a quick test to see whether you are predominantly a left (analytical, objective, quantitative) or right (perceptive, subjective, qualitative) brain thinker.

Take the test, identify your thinking strengths and weaknesses, and devise your strategy for being a whole-brain thinker, i.e. drawing on multiple, diverse thinking perspectives to address a thinking challenge.

Some people are blessed with the ability to be whole brain thinkers on their own. For the rest of us, the best strategy comes down to surrounding ourselves with people who think in different ways than we do to challenge and expand our thinking. Get started building your whole brain thinking team today!

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Create an inspiration space where you work with images, objects, and any other paraphernalia that trigger fun, innovative, and/or spiritual thoughts for you and others with whom you work.

The form or structure of it doesn’t matter. What matters is whether it truly inspires new ideas and possibilities in you and those around you!

How about this? Email photos of your personal inspiration space and why it inspires you to mike@mikebrownspeaks.com, and we’ll share them here.

That includes you, Jan H., Jan L., Seth, and Chris, or I’ll just come by and take the pictures myself!

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We’re declaring “Creative Quickie Week” through Friday! Check back each day this week for a variety of Creative Quickies! And enjoy lunch!

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Here’s a great opportunity to share your definition of “innovation” on Twitter with @stonepayton. Stone is running a contest through mid-week to provide one or more definitions of “innovation” via Twitter. That means that your definition has to be 140 charcters or less.

The total prize money is up to $1000 (based on the number of submissions) along with a whole bunch of publicity about how you are an innovation savant!

My first entry was “Innovation = A fundamental, valuable improvement relative to the status quo.”

You can get full information on the contest (IDEF140) here.

When submitting your entry, include @mikebrown in the entry to let Stone know you learned about the contest here.

Let’s turn out big with lots of definitions!

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From Business Week magazine, here’s a video overview of Design Thinking by Roger Martin, dean of the Rotman School of Management.

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