Blogging challenges change over time. Friday night into Saturday morning used to be my blogging marathon time while in the corporate world. Blogging was my fun creative outlet, and I knew there wouldn’t be time during the week to write. What a motivator! Now, knowing a Thursday post can get written Wednesday afternoon, the motivation to stay up until 3 a.m. writing isn’t there, presenting a challenge to Friday night blogging now.

When blogging, every idea has to get past the “Do I care enough about this to write 300 words on it” filter. Sometimes, the filter seems pretty high. That’s when it becomes a challenge to write and you have to adjust the settings.

Sometimes adjusting the filter means throwing out every idea you’re struggling with (because they all seem like crap) and starting over. Other times, it may take hanging on to a crap idea, forcing yourself to write to some level of completion, then stepping back to see what you have.

Some people get around writing challenges completely by stealing content. Just now a pingback appeared on a social media productivity blog post from December. A real estate person in Dallas copied it word-for-word, running it as one of the first 6 posts on her blog. Pathetic. But at least she kept all the links to the post in place. Not all plagiarizers do that.

Copying isn’t creating though. You have to be willing to push away from the side of the intellectual capital pool & shape your own ideas.

Scared you’ll need a writer’s lifeline though when going into the deep water? One lifeline somebody mentioned recently is that blog posts should only be 80% complete so they’ll generate more comments. Wow, if 80% done is the standard, I might have enough potential posts in my blogging sketchbook right now for the rest of the year!

Another variation on the settling for 80% mantra is writing 140 characters instead of 140 words, then generating enough related tweets to build to 140 words. With a good run, you may get to 280 words.

Need evidence this idea works?

HELLO! How do you think this blog post started life?

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14 Responses to “Blogging Challenges? Ideas for Tough Blogging Times”

  1. Something I’ve done that’s helped is to not get bogged down in the word count. At first I thought each post HAD to be at least 300 words. Depending on the topic, sometimes that works, sometimes not.

    Once I pick a topic I write until I’ve said all I want to say before it’s morphs into beating the dead horse. That’s helped me.

    I’ve gotten feedback that I need to include more media (pictures, video, etc.) so yesterday’s post was just a picture.

    I’m still pretty new to blogging, so not sure what I’m doing would be considered “best practice” but it’s working ok for me so far.

    • Mike Brown says:

      Karen – You’re right on track with the idea that pictures, video, and any other medium which communicates can be incorporated in your blog. Nate Riggs is always after me to do video posts; I told him if I were as photogenic as he is, I would! Doing video posts has been a hurdle for me. They’d be very quick – and might help rescue some of the decent idea fragments which never get turned into written posts.

      And there isn’t anything necessarily magic about 300 words other than the SEO plug-in I use keeps saying a post should be 300 words.

      Thanks for so regularly commenting…it’s very appreciated!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Just realized the greatest blog writing motivation I’ve found is needing to get stuff ready for taxes to be done. #JustRealizin #TaxSeasonCreativityBoost

  3. chetaru says:


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  4. Jay Oza says:

    Good post.

    I gave a blog tip that lot of times I see a long comment to blog posts. If you have that much to say, then why not turn it into a blog yourself and refer to the original blog?

    You have motivated to write a blog post on how I come up with blog ideas.

    • Mike Brown says:

      Great idea, Jay. The only trick may be some bloggers don’t like to include comments with links in them, so they might screen the comment out because of that. Typically though, if it’s clear that the link contributes toward the topi and isn’t just intended to generate a new link for the person leaving the comment, that should be very effective.

      • Jay Oza says:

        I did not make myself clear. I meant when I write my blog, I should give the credit to your blog with a link if you helped me with the idea of my blog.

        I don’t ever leave a link in the comments section.


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