PBS recently aired a September 2008 performance of George Gershwin’s music featuring the Nashville Symphony. The show’s closing piece was “Rhapsody in Blue,” perhaps Gershwin’s most well-known piece. I’ve enjoyed the song for a long time but never had the opportunity to “see” it performed and videoed to such great effect.

It was incredible to SEE guest soloist Kevin Cole’s performance – his hands were up and down the keyboard in such commanding fashion. In the video excerpt below, you get some sense of the wonder of his performance.

For today’s challenge – while we usually think of listening to music, in this case, being able to watch music was as impressive as the audio experience.

For other sensory experiences you encounter, identify a different dimension to begin to experience them: Maybe listening to a dog being petted or feeling the texture of the ingredients in a home cooked meal? You decide and come to some new senses of your own.

Update Note: Because of Good Friday, there won’t be a post on Friday, April 10.

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2 Responses to “Brainzooming – Coming to Your New Senses”

  1. seth simonds says:

    Awesome! Brought back great memories. Especially the one of the night I brought my then-10 year-old sister to Symphony Hall in Boston. Watching her amazement and sheer joy at seeing music in action(I think it was Smetana), I found new joy in my own appreciation of the experience!

  2. Mike Brown says:

    Seth – Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad that it brought back memories! Live music is so cool that it’s a shame I don’t get to experience it too much anymore. It really does come down to your vantage point: being in the front row for R.E.M. at a small hall in KC, sitting in the balcony to “watch” the orchestra for the Nutcracker ballet, sitting among the musicians at a special performance of the KC Symphony. Those are all memories I cherish.