Branding & Marketing

Business Branding Fundamentals

Presentation Description: Successful branding presents unique challenges and opportunities for leaders. Starting or rebuilding a brand requires a mix of extensive customer understanding, relentless change management, and savvy, high-efficiency brand building strategies & tactics. You’ll learn about these and other vital real-life, tested brand building lessons that you can apply in your own business – no matter what its size. Lessons addressed in this presentation include:

  • Using a strategic view to assess your marketplace
  • Developing and sticking to your brand’s “story”
  • Identifying real market & competitive threats
  • Prioritizing strategies for greatest returns

“Strategic Branding Fundamentals” is available in 1 hour to full day formats.

Building Your Brand Team Game Plan

Presentation Description: Every time an employee interacts with a customer there is an opportunity to build – or lose – brand equity. Ensuring an outstanding service experience and increased brand equity demands that your internal brand team members be prepared and ready to unleash their talents to carry out a well thought-out, strategic service game plan. This session will help create (or strengthen) your brand team game plan by:

  • Identifying team member fundamentals
  • Bringing customer insights into your brand promise
  • Sharing tactics to deliver your brand promise 

Sponsorship Marketing on a Shoestring

Presentation Description: Sponsorship marketing (funding an event or entity in exchange for positive exposure) can have tremendous value as a marketing approach in business. Efficiently maximizing a sponsorship’s returns, however, depends on approaching it strategically, creating sponsorship messages relevant to all audiences, and aggressively tapping into all available activation tools.

This session, based on lessons from award winning sponsorship programs, will help attendees:

    • Better link business and sponsorship strategies
    • Identify their own comprehensive set of innovative activation tools to make the most out of a sponsorship
    • Develop metrics to track sponsorship ROI

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