Taking the NO Out of InNOvation

Struggling with why you’re running into innovation roadblocks?

“Taking the NO Out of InNOvation” reveals the 8 vital perspectives for becoming more innovative in your work and personal lives.


1. Introspective

Create a stronger innovation perspective by understanding your distinctive talents.

2. Diverse

Surround yourself with a creative team that complements your distinctive talents.

3. Open to Possibilities

Hone your openness to what may today seem impossible or preposterous – that’s where you’ll find tomorrow’s innovation.

4. Inquisitive

Collect great questions that yield creative ideas and use them all the time.

5. Forgetful

Strike the right balance between using and turning off your expertise to boost creative thinking.

6. A Borrower

Borrow from any inputs you can to trigger creative ideas that you twist and shape to be your own.

7. A Creator

You have to do something with ideas. Selecting the best ones and moving forward with them is central to innovation.

8. Persistent

Innovation doesn’t necessarily come easy. When it comes to the “No” voices you’ll hear, be ready to dodge, morph, ignore, or otherwise blow them up. That takes persistence.


Mike Brown

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