Responsible for creating cool product names for a new product idea?

A Brainzooming blog email subscriber asked me last week if The Brainzooming Group had a ready-made creative thinking exercise on the blog for creating cool product names for a new product idea.

I shared with her some variations on eight creative thinking questions in a previous post about developing creative job titles. If one reader has a question about a particular creative thinking exercise, it is probably a good sign other readers could use help on a similar question.

New Product Idea and Faux Names

The creative thinking questions you can use if you need to create ideas for new product names are below, but first, a couple of cautions:

Creating Cool Product Names with Creative Thinking Questions

Cool Product Names – 17 Creative Questions for Winning Product Name IdeasThis list is not designed to yield faux new product names comprised of nonsense syllables. The list of questions is intended to come up with intriguing, real-sounding names. Ask the eight creative thinking questions, come up with as many potential answers as you can, and then prioritize the most strategic and creative possibilities for consideration:

  • What words describe the cool outcomes from the new product or the experience of using it?
  • What other products are like this? What words are used to describe those products that we could modify and enhance?
  • If this new product delivered super powers, what would they be?
  • What words would you use to describe this new product if you were trying to impress your mom / dad or a spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend?
  • What words would add emotional impact to the product name?
  • What words describe HOW the product works when it is at its best?
  • What words would be more exciting, powerful, fun, surprising, or memorable?

You can click on the image below to get a free creative naming mini-poster that includes these questions in a fun, easy-to-use format!


Which types of cool product names do you like?

What is your preference for new product names? Faux names or real names, and why? – Mike Brown

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  • http://twitter.com/JordanEM JoAnn Jordan

    The generator is fun, Mike but many of the words are a little too wonky for me. I like name that are descriptive and memorable. So a name could be faux or real.

    • http://www.brainzooming.com Mike Brown

      I agree completely with you on the generator. I am NOT a fan of manufactured names. Why it’s done is understandable (trying to get something unique, trying to find available URLs, etc.), but they don’t typically stand for anything without a lot of time or a lot of investment to give them meaning.

      BTW, based on what The Brainzooming Group does, the graphic represents the list of potential names suggested by the name generator. I’ll stick with “Brainzooming”!

  • http://twitter.com/B2BCSE Case Study Experts

    My take. Unique names require more marketing dollars to create a definition in the mind. Names that convey a benefit work harder. Some to consider. Diehard battery. Budget Gourmet. See how the name carries the load? 

    • http://www.brainzooming.com Mike Brown

      I think both you and Paula Ann make a fundamental point – a name that says something about the brand works much harder, much more quickly with less investment than one that doesn’t. The ideal is a unique name that fits the brand. 

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  • Sanjay Rane


  • http://www.facebook.com/raja.dravid.5 Raja Dravid

    Dear all, maybe I am missing something: So what does one do when one has the list of words according to the questions? How does one fit them together to make a word describing the product?

    • http://www.brainzooming.com Mike Brown

      Raja -

      There are a variety of things to be done with the words from this exercise. A new word you brainstormed could:

      1) Be the right word for a name by istelf
      2) Suggest yet another known word or name that could be the name
      3) Be combined with another word to create a name (of one or more words)
      4) Yield a few letters or syllable that are combined with something else
      5) Inspire an image or shape that leads to a name
      6) Be the trigger to create a completely new word for the name
      7) Suggest you had a great name already

      Thanks for asking that question to clarify the post!


  • Francis

    New brand name required for canned button mushrooms

    • http://www.brainzooming.com Mike Brown

      We’d love to do an online collaborative session with you, if that would be helpful, Francis. If you’re interested, email us at info@brainzooming.com, and let’s see if there is an opportunity to collaborate on naming the canned button mushrooms! Mike

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  • amiel jay purazo

    can you make me a unique product name for my polvoron ? tnx :)