I wrote a post last week on “16 Tactics for Building an Audience via Social Media” which was picked up by a couple of other websites. The article received a ton of tweets (thanks!), including one which posed the question of, “Where do you ‘find’ intriguing social media content online?” While it may be easier to “find” intriguing content, it won’t, all by itself, set you apart from anyone else who is also merely grabbing social media content someone else has already created. Instead of spending as much time trying to find creative social media content, here are three things you can do to create intriguing social media content:

1. Have a persona in mind to help guide content development for your social media channels.

A persona is a detailed description of a representative reader of your social media content. Having a personalized view of your audience is vital to creating content which is really engaging.

2. Develop a good command of multiple, varied styles of creating social media content.

Don’t just develop one style of post writing and run it into the ground, post after post. Vary the length (short vs. long), style (straight prose, question and answer, lists), tone (informative, rants, teaching, snarky), and media (writing, video, embedded documents, audio).

3. Focus on what you care about.

You can’t expect an audience to get passionate about something you’re not passionate about yourself. So for all of the importance of targeting content your audience is seeking, first and foremost, it needs to be content where you have a distinctive point of view or really feel the need to say something. If you don’t, you’d be better off, quite frankly, not to talk about it, no matter how much your audience may be seeking the content.

This isn’t the whole story on intriguing content, but it’s a chunk of the foundation.

What points would you add to the mix to help someone better create intriguing content?Mike Brown

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9 Responses to “Creating Intriguing Social Media Content – 3 Fundamental Steps”

  1. Meg Steele says:

    Good points, all. And I especially appreciate #1 as it is the most challenging step, I believe. Unless a person is already known to a specific community, or for a particular expertise, they’ll have a hard time creating relevant content because the potential audience is too broad. If you’re creating content for everyone, you’ll end up creating content for no one.

    • Mike Brown says:

      Thanks for commenting Meg! The idea of the persona for the blog became a challenge after I changed positions. I sort of cheated and made myself my own persona when I was in the corporate world; the persona then was a marketing-oriented person in a large company where innovation and creativity weren’t tremendously valued, yet the person wanted to take advantage of every opportunity to introduce new thinking within the environment.

      Out on my own, I didn’t fit that persona anymore. I wrestled with changing the persona to more closely match what I was doing, but finally decided to alter the old one and re-orient it still toward someone within a bigger company.

      It sounds easier to get it right than it really is, but really nailing the persona will definitely help make content decisions a lot clearer!

  2. Hi Mike, I have a great example where personas solved a tricky problem – my client was trying to create impact around a healthcare topic but couldn’t get traction. By taking a step back and conducting an audience segmentation we quickly identified that they were trying to talk to patients, the parent of patiences, doctors, nurses, legislators and administrators, all in one go. No wonder no one listened.

    By identifying two audiences and creating the corresponding personas we then set out to identify and engage those audiences. And we engaged them where they were already active! Now they have traction.

    Time will tell if the audiences will also start engaging the organization at their properties, but the important thing is that they are engaged.

    • Mike Brown says:

      Wonderful example!

      It’s so easy with multiple audiences and tight budgets to try talking to everybody all at once in a very general fashion. Understanding specific audience members and addressing them (even at the risk of not talking to others) will lead to much better communications and engagement.


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