Create an inspiration space where you work with images, objects, and any other paraphernalia that trigger fun, innovative, and/or spiritual thoughts for you and others with whom you work.

The form or structure of it doesn’t matter. What matters is whether it truly inspires new ideas and possibilities in you and those around you!

How about this? Email photos of your personal inspiration space and why it inspires you to [email protected], and we’ll share them here.

That includes you, Jan H., Jan L., Seth, and Chris, or I’ll just come by and take the pictures myself!

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3 Responses to “Creative Quickie Week – Inspiration Spaces”

  1. JanL says:

    Not much time lately to post to blogs, but I wanted to comment on this topic. I have a lot of kid art and toys my children have given me (I think they have a skewed view of what work in an office is) in my cube at work. Those items may seem to provide creative inspiration, but their real purpose is to remind me that some very special people in my life love me. That gives me the confidence to share opinions, to set goals and to push myself to attain those goals.

    Art, nature, music–these provide inspiration, but more in the form of spiritual inspiration. They uplift my soul.

    Problems provide the greatest creative inspiration for me. I think tactically. Give me a problem, and I will come up with a solution (and provide advantages and disadvantages of invoking that solution). Hence, the image I’m sending separately. 🙂

  2. Mike Brown says:

    Jan – Thanks for the comment and the graph. As we talked, I’ll have to come back and recap so we can display the graph along with your write up.

    I think that anything that motivates you is a source of creative inspiration. At least for me, seeing all the art from your kids is a creative inspiration since I really enjoy seeing it!

    Here’s a page with photos of interesting and intriguing workspaces. Some are warm and inviting; others are sleek and cool. Among all the photos, however, there are many that would definitely help trigger my creativity. Check it out!

    Again, thanks for the comment!


    P.S. When Jan and I were talking the other day, she posed a tremendously intriguing question, “To be inspiring, does something have to create a sense of awe in you?” That’s profound, and I’m still forming thoughts about it.

  3. Mike Brown says:

    BTW – Thanks to Spydergrrl for the original link to the workspace photos: http://spydergrrl.blogspot.com/2009/01/what-would-your-ideal-workspace-look.html