Creativity without Lowering Your Standards

Today’s guest article comes from now two-time guest author Robert Alan Black, PhD, known as “Wanderingalan” on Twitter. He founded and is president of Cre8ng People, Places and Possibilities and authored Broken Crayons, Break Your Crayons and Draw Outside the Lines.” He can be reached online at [email protected]. Here’s his take on alternative to lowering your standards to get around creative blocks:

If your job and life requires that you be creative on demand, most every day, then you cannot wait for the MUSES to give you creative thoughts and concepts. You need to re-spark, re-generate, re-discover as much creativeness as you can at any given moment.

One writer was quoted recently saying, “I never experience Creative Block. I simply lower my standards.”

Funny as that may be, it is often true.

Our most creative breakthroughs seldom happen on demand. Yet we can increase the level of creativeness we are experiencing at any given moment by using creative thinking tools or activities. Here are a couple simple ones:

  • Forced Relationships – Keep many small objects and photos in your work area and randomly pick one or two at a time and relate to your problem: How might a flower be related to my not finding new work? How might wrecked automobile relate to the creation of my vacation?
  • Walk in Others Shoes, Hearts, Minds and Creativity – Keep books, magazines, slide shows, and photos of work you think are fantastically creative. When you feel the level of your creativeness lacking look through them and think about what is it you like about them or what makes them especially creative. Then apply those ideas to challenge your problem.

You can stop creative blocks – without having to lower your standards. Robert Alan Black, Ph.D., CSP

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