Idea Magnets make things more exciting, fulfilling, and successful in every area of life – from their work, to their personal lives, to chance encounters. How do they accomplish that? By employing seven strategies to generate inspiration and apply their creative energy to important opportunities.

Extreme creativity questions are some of the most valuable Idea Magnets tools. These over-sized questions let you effectively expand creative thinking for individuals and teams.

When it comes to branding and content marketing, extreme creativity questions provide an outstanding way to discover, develop, and share extraordinary stories. They deliver for Idea Magnets with branding responsibilities by:

  • Helping audiences see new possibilities
  • Offering a starting point for people to share new stories
  • Uncovering unique aspects and intriguing twists that make stories extraordinary

Here’s the great news: you can get your own set of powerful extreme creativity questions for content marketers, social media professionals, and brand strategists!

It’s as easy as downloading your FREE copy of the new Idea Magnets eBook, 49 Idea Magnet Questions to Attract Your Brand’s Extraordinary Stories.

49 Idea Magnet Questions to Attract Your Brand’s Extraordinary Stories

Developing and sharing extraordinary stories that resonate with your brand’s most important audiences is an important key to branding success.

In this actionable new eBook, you will get forty-nine questions to inspire new ideas and energize your team and audiences to continually tell stories that create dynamic, positive impacts. It will introduce you to multiple strategies that Idea Magnets use to:

  • Make unexpected connections and generate story ideas
  • Encourage people to share experiences that lead to memorable stories
  • Tell stories through effective techniques that intrigue and engage audiences

49 Idea Magnet Questions to Attract Your Brand’s Extraordinary Stories puts ALL the powerful questions at your disposal to identify, develop, and share authentic stories.

That’s why you need to get your copy of 49 Idea Magnet Questions to Attract Your Brand’s Extraordinary Stories today. You will be able to immediately implement your branding and content marketing initiatives with greater impact and results!

Download Your FREE eBook! 49 Idea Magnet Questions to Attract Your Brand's Extraordinary Stories!

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