60 Business Concepts for Building the Gigabit City with Google Fiber

FREE REPORT: 60 Business Concepts for Building the Gigabit City with Google Fiber

Building the Gigabit CityAfter considering 1,100 communities, Google selected Kansas City to introduce its new ultra high-speed internet service, Google Fiber. This free 120-page report highlights the creative and innovative spirit Kansas City used to win the Google Fiber competition. The report features:

  • 60 applications and business opportunities plus hundreds of possibilities for how ultra high-speed internet service can change a city
  • Ideas and opportunities to improve education, healthcare, jobs, cultural activities, community activities, and more
  • Research and perspectives from hundreds of business people, educators, technologists, nonprofits, and community members

This exclusive report sponsored by Social Media Club of Kansas City and The Brainzooming Group is a must-read for individuals and groups interested in how ultra high-speed internet can spur economic development, growth, and improved lifestyles – in Kansas City and globally.

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