After writing about extreme creativity for a couple of days, here’s a real-life example: Gulp, the world’s largest stop-motion animation film. It’s extreme creativity in that it takes the skill set (manipulating and filming inanimate objects in a very controlled indoor setting) and scale (small) of typical stop-motion animation films in a completely different direction:

All that plus the film was captured using  the sponsor’s product (a Nokia phone…three of them actually), dangled from a crane. This is extreme creativity! Here are both the “Making of Gulp” and “Gulp” videos. It may just be me, but I actually enjoyed the “making of” video more than the actual Gulp video. Then again, I tend to be more fascinated by the “how” of extreme creativity, than the final result. But that’s just me; you can pick whichever one you’d like to watch first!

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The Making Of Gulp



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