Amid cost-cutting pressures, you may be exploring self-service approaches more aggressively.

Beyond addressing how to help customers be successful in a self-service environment, it’s important to design the experience to legitimately enhance customer benefits.

Here are 26 potential benefits a self-service environment could provide. Your self-service approach might:

  • Cost less
  • Allow a customer to pay right away & save
  • Feature a reward/loyalty program
  • Minimize/eliminate the embarrassment of doing something wrong
  • Allow customers to do things in secret/privacy
  • Eliminate the need to deal with people & personalities
  • Provide greater convenience
  • Offer safety and security
  • Permit pre-planning
  • Be more fun
  • Provide a great customer experience
  • Allow immediate service, avoiding lines and saving time
  • Seem new and innovative
  • Provide something out of the norm
  • Be more dependable
  • Offer more service choices
  • Allow greater control
  • Allow a customer to choose a preferred personal service level
  • Be set up exactly the way a customer wants it
  • Be easier because it’s always a consistent process
  • Be simpler
  • Provide 24/7 availability
  • Be used while multitasking
  • Offer more information
  • Be more accurate (or allow a customer to double check the accuracy)
  • Permit a customer to get everything done they need in one stop

See how you can deliver some of these benefits for customers as you make them do more. – Mike Brown

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3 Responses to “Helping People Help Themselves”

  1. Dave J. says:

    We are planning to add self-service store for spare parts for our equipment this year. While it won’t really save us any money, it will also remove some of the tedium of the job, hopefully making a better experience for those who *don’t* use the service.

    • Mike Brown says:

      Interesting example Dave from the employee side. That would be another interesting list to look at what would be more valuable for an employee to do with freed time or how self-serve can improve the employee experience.


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