Innovation Success

Taking the NO Out of Business InNOvation – Boosting Organizational Innovation

Presentation Description: There are many reasons innovative business ideas don’t get generated and successfully implemented in businesses. Sometimes it’s because there’s NO orientation or mandate to innovate. In other cases, there are perceived to be NO capabilities in place or NO processes to cultivate innovation. No matter what the reason, inability to solve problems and capture opportunities in new ways can hold back any business. And that’s never been truer than in the current economic environment when failing to adopt an innovative approach can lead to long-term challenges. In this innovation training presentation, we’ll discuss:

  • Some of the most common NO’s that block business innovation
  • What business characteristics create each of these situations
  • New possibilities to improve successes amid innovation challenges

Outside-In Innovation – Mining New Opportunities to Innovate

Presentation Description: It is one thing to say your brand is going to look outside for innovation opportunities. It’s another to systematically and successfully do it. Customers frequently can’t predict future needs or purchase behaviors. And if your brand is one-upping traditional competitors, it’s vulnerable to unanticipated, disruptive players. One answer is a strategic, multi-dimensional outside-in look for service innovation ideas. This interactive workshop will cover numerous strategic thinking exercises to effectively design and implement a strategic innovation scan in your organization. Specific take-aways include exercises to:

  • Uncover non-traditional innovation opportunities and threats with a benefits-based brand view
  • Identify multiple paths to target relevant brands as innovation idea sources
  • Adapt ideas from other industries and markets to address your markets’ needs

Creating an Innovative Workplace Culture

Presentation Description: Whenever an organization is open for business, its employees are doing their jobs and observing activities from perspectives management never sees. Their daily experiences trigger ideas for creating and improving products, fixing broken processes, and delighting customers in remarkably new ways. This session will explore common barriers preventing employees from cultivating and sharing ideas. We’ll address how organizations can foster environments where people are comfortable sharing ideas to create better processes, greater market opportunities, delighted customers, and growth. Specific topics include:

  • Ideas for creating an open, inviting framework for innovation
  • Approaches to invite and support employees in sharing ideas
  • Ways to stimulate new thinking that creates strategic impact

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