It was a TOUGH blogging weekend. And by “TOUGH,” I mean on Saturday night I still didn’t have any posts written for the week. Trust me, that’s a problem; I usually try to get all five of the week’s posts started, if not completely done, by Sunday.

On Saturday night, I was definitely scouring my blogging notebooks for junk ideas to turn into blog post treasures. I kep going back to a favorite Saturday blogging resource to scour for ideas: The Wall Street Journal Review section, and especially the “Creating” column.

And once again, The Wall Street Journal came through for me.

This weekend’s “Creating” column featured Ki Nassauer, junker and author of “Junk Beautiful: Room by Room Makeovers” (affiliate link), as she pursued junk at a rural South Dakota hoarders house to look for ideas to fit into her twice-yearly magazine, “Flea Market Style,” and annual “Junk Bonanza flea market festival.”

15 Ideas to Turn Junk Ideas into Treasures

Within the story, there were fifteen ideas demonstrating how KI Nassauer turns “junk ideas” into treasures with potential. Combing through the story and looking to generalize what she does, here are fifteen ways any of us can turn junk ideas into treasures when we need a creative kick start:

1.  Space out the deadline for when you need to come up with an idea to give yourself more time

2.  Take care of your rich idea sources

3.  Take advantage of high probability idea sources

4.  Spend more time looking for other ideas

5.  Have a creative partner to stimulate ideas

6.  Always say “Yes” to new ideas initially

7.  Go where others won’t to look for additional junk ideas

8.  Change the angle from which you’re considering the idea

9.  Look at just part of  junk ideas and throw out the rest

10. Turn the junk idea upside down

11. Stack or put junk ideas together

12, Consider outlandish ideas you’d typically overlook

13, Turn the idea around to its opposite

14, Apply different support or resources to the idea

15. Pretty up marginal ideas any way you can

What do you do when you’re stuck creatively?

These 15 ways to turn junk ideas into treasures are definitely worth considering, in my view, to help get you unstuck creatively. – Mike Brown


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