Suppose you’re thinking about a personal branding strategy of speaking to groups or writing to showcase your expertise more broadly. Yet you haven’t done anything about implementing the strategy because you’re concerned about whether your expertise stands up well against all the other speakers and writers out there. So you do nothing.

That’s a shame.

Want to get around your self-imposed expertise hurdle?

Tell your own version of your story, with your own perspectives.

When you tell somebody else’s story (i.e., by reading even compelling news stories or case studies and regurgitating them), you always run the risk of someone else challenging your expertise based on your third-hand knowledge of a situation. That’s not a bad thing, but if your fear of those kinds of challenges stops you from pursuing your personal branding strategy, then it’s tragic.

Instead of telling someone else’s story, look at your own experience, expertise, and perspectives, and speak or write about them from your personal point of view:

All of a sudden your concerns about someone else being an expert go away since no one can be a more credible expert on your own experiences than you are. Now you’re the expert. So get started implementing your personal branding strategy and sharing your version of your own story. - Mike Brown

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Mike Brown

Founder of The Brainzooming Group, and an expert on strategy, creativity, and innovation. Mike is a frequent speaker on innovation, strategic thinking, and social media.

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  • http://www.AlexGpR.com Alex Greenwood

    But I like talking about Apple and Seth!

    • http://www.brainzooming.com Mike Brown

      Then keep talking about Apple and Seth, Alex!

  • http://www.myjoyofliving.com Karen

    I just finished reading one of Seth’s books (Meatball Sundae) and wrote a review of it on Linked In!

    • http://www.brainzooming.com Mike Brown

      If you have the link to your review Karen, please share it! I’d like to see what you have to say on Meatball Sundae!

  • Joan Koerber-Walker

    Experts,Leaders, and Innovators have one main thing in common. The courage to overcome their fear and step out from the crowd to share experiences, tackle problems, and change things.

    There will always be someone who knows more, has done more, or can change more. (Or thinks they can.) The trick is to not let that hold you back. Sharing your own experience, leading others along the path you have chosen, and trying something new, is your opportunity to learn more, share more, and create more. As a good friend of mine likes to say – “you’ll never get anywhere sitting home alone in your socks!”

    • http://www.brainzooming.com Mike Brown

      I love that quote Joan, particularly since a lot of people Tweeting, blogging, and uploading away in social media probably are home alone in their socks.

      You definitely have to get out there and take the best advantage of your talents and knowledge to create the wonderful things that only YOU can do!

  • http://twitter.com/lesaevans Lesa Evans (Caskey)

    Agreed 100%. None of us has ever been fully qualified for the next rung on our professional ladders. All we’ve ever had is potential and a personal contact in a position to reach out and pull us up to that next rung. Nothing comes from nothing, no matter your perspective so go forth each day and DO something and keep your eyes open for the contact who will eventually be reaching out to pull you up.

    • Anonymous

      Another way to think about it (vs. who will pull you up) is to look out for who you will pull up. PULL enough people up through your assistance, and they’re going to start thinking about how they can LIFT you up higher. That’s a great way to do.

  • http://JimJosephExp.com Jim Joseph

     Great perspective …. and an inspiration for all to get involved.  Well done, Mike!  Jim

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Jim! I found out earlier this week that the person this post was written for has just done a 30-minute podcast for his company. Yeah!

  • http://jlmade.blogspot.com Jacob Yount

    Loved the post Mike and it was inspiring.  As soon as we start talking about “the trenches” we’ve been in, experiences, things we’ve seen, we’ll see that our story is unique, helpful and those so-called experts…..aren’t all that experty.  Liked what you said below about lifting people up.  I think a good testimonial is “who have we lifted up, educated, trained along the way”.  

    • Anonymous

      I love the line, Jacob, about “who have we lifted up, educated, trained along the way.” That’s a list that all of us should be inventorying on a regular basis!

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  • http://facebook.com/pages/Mind-Your-Own-Body-LLC/119097894811058 Kevin M. Norris

    Hi Mike!

    I do not have a self-imposed expertise hurdle. Mine is an affliction! Inspiring perspective. I also say education without application is useless.

    • http://www.brainzooming.com Mike Brown

      Thank you Kevin! It’s all a matter of recognizing what you know that others don’t that they would really appreciate knowing. That’s the heart of anyone’s expertise.