Think about how frequently political concession speeches are the first time political candidates present themselves at their most personal and, perhaps, most like their true selves. It makes you wonder why the demeanor and tone losing candidates display in political concession speeches hardly ever surface during elections.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see the fate of a political candidate who displayed a conciliatory, bridge building, humble, and genuinely grateful tone during the heart of an election campaign?

Do you suppose that type of approach during an election campaign would connect with people? Or would such a candidate be ripped to shreds and left in the fields of Iowa?

We’ll likely never know.

And that’s truly a loss for the United States and its people. – Mike Brown


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Mike Brown

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3 Responses to “Political Concession Speeches – Why Are They the Best of the Election Campaign?”

  1. Mike Brown says:

    This is from Jan Leslie, who is an email subscriber to the blog. Jan sent this to me, and I asked her if I could share it since it makes such an important point:

    You are assuming that the media would actually show what it deems to be the opposition in a good light. Reporters have forgotten how to merely report the news, leaving people to draw their own conclusions. Instead, they report only the stories that further their own viewpoints and agenda. That is the greatest loss for the American people.

    You often focus on creativity in your blog. Creativity stems in part from the ability to think and reason independently. Children do not learn to think and reason in schools. Too many adults are happy to let the media and politicians do their thinking for them. We tell ourselves that we are too busy to communicate fully–our conversations consist of text messages, tweets and the like. As our attention spans become shorter, and our language and communication skills deteriorate, we can expect to see a further erosion of our ability to think creatively.

    Considering the lack of exercise most people’s brains get, it’s no wonder that we, as a country, cannot find creative solutions for our problems–solutions that ought to focus on raising every citizen’s standard of living. From Jan Leslie

  2. Seth Waite says:

    I definitely agree. Romney’s best speech in both 2008 and 2012 have been his concession speeches. I always watch and think… “why haven’t you been saying this all along?” They generally say what everyone’s been wanting to hear since the beginning.

    Sounds like the best way to start a campaign is by first writing your concession speech then.