I’m excited to see “Trust Agents” co-author Chris Brogan present in person for the second time this year at the BMA Engage conference tomorrow. Having seen him earlier at the Kansas City IABC Business Communications Summit in February, his innovative presentation style is one unlike I’ve never seen, and I really can’t imagine anyone else pulling it off successfully.

Speaking from what seemed to be a handwritten “set list” on a folded up piece of paper, Brogan spent an hour sharing his strategic perspective on how people behave, interact, and expect to be treated. Quite frankly, he struck me like the smart, quiet guy you see in a corporation who observes everything, sees the strategy gaps the big business so obviously misses, and figures out all the answers while hardly ever getting the chance to share them.

Through a patient strategy of freely sharing insights and perspectives from his innovative viewpoint, Brogan has created the opportunity to share his strategic wisdom in increasingly rarified venues. For all the “GET MASSIVE FOLLOWERS, BE A SOCIAL MEDIA ROCK STAR QUICK ” scams floating around the web, Chris Brogan has transferred a consistently, strategically constructed online platform to an IRL business where he routinely gets the chance to share his much sought-after answers.

Among the great strategic insights at his Kansas City presentation about better cultivating and growing customers with the help of social media:

  • A company can best help its people understand what it means to represent the brand by providing some level of media relations training to every employee.
  • The best social media people come from customer service. They’re used to talking with customers and representing the business across many situations.
  • The first steps in social media strategy should focus on prepping for crisis communication, marketing at the time of need, better addressing customer service, and conducting research on customer needs.
  • Don’t spend so much time on yourself. Brogan tries to communicate 12 times more about others than about his own stuff (a remarkable strategy considering some of the authors who pound relentless tweets and Facebook updates all about themselves).
  • A brand lives or dies by its database and how the company cultivates it between the times it is marketing to people.

His most important statement? The importance to Brogan of keeping people who matter to you when you don’t need anything at all from them. It’s an important life lesson, irrespective of whether you use social media or not.  – Mike Brown

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5 Responses to “Social Media and IRL Lessons from Chris Brogan”

  1. That’s always my trick: it’s really about life. : )

  2. Mike Brown says:

    Thanks Chris for stopping by Brainzooming, and thank you as well for another great presentation at the BMA Engage conference on Friday. Seeing the set list moved to drawings and notes in photos done the night before shows the adaptability of your truly personal style of delivering great material. It was wonderful to meet you briefly and get to see the original notebook drawings!

    For those of you who’d like to check them out, you can do so at: http://www.slideshare.net/chrisbrogan/trust-agentsbma

  3. Dave J. says:

    I’ll be honest, I thought Chris was just another blow-hard social-media self-anointed guru. (Somehow I think I’ve collected ‘connections’ to him in three or four social networks, but that was a couple years ago.)

    When Gary Slack introduced him, and compared him to Seth Godin, I rolled my eyes. After seeing him in action, I am thoroughly impressed and see he is the real deal. The other presenters may have had valuable info to share, but he was inspirational in what he said and how he said it. Like you, Mike, I could write a whole blog-post about the experience (and might).

    What drove me crazy was people re-tweeting his tactical hints when all I could see is the game-changing strategy he was exuding and presenting. Maybe they’d seen him before. Maybe the tips were easier to tweet.

    I blogged before the conference that I’d sound like a fan-boy for whoever was realistic and sustainable about engagement, and here I am acting like a fan-boy.

  4. Mike Brown says:

    Dave – Way late in responding to your comment, but thank you for it and for contributing to the social media team effort at BMA Engage! Being personable and real doesn’t come around that frequently in writers and speakers of Chris Brogan’s caliber, so it is easy to become a fan-boy, even if you are trying to resist it!


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