Social Networks - 13 Disclosures about Facebook, Twitter and the Rest

Along with a previous post on things I don’t understand about social networks, here are 13 personal disclosures about my behavior on Facebook, Twitter, and social networks in general. They’re not necessarily good or bad, but it felt like it was time to come clean on them.

1. My wife unfriended me on Facebook. Seriously. She doesn’t want me reading what she’s thinking about (and by “thinking about,” I mean “plotting,” and by “plotting,” I mean “already decided on and has something underway”). So her other Facebook FRIENDS tell me what’s going on in my own house.

2. The reason I don’t run a lot of videos on the blog is because I don’t like the way I look. That’s the same reason my avatar is usually a cartoon self-portrait. I’m working on this though . . . I mean my level of self-acceptance. The ship has sailed on my looks, and it’s not coming back to port any time soon.

3. Many days, my Twitter stream is more depressing than uplifting. I can’t say the same about my Facebook stream, yet. But I figure it’s just a matter of time.

4. I’m really cheap, so my smartphone isn’t the smartest. It may not even be in the top half of the class anymore.

5. I can’t remember what I used to do with the time that I now spend on social networks.

6. For as much writing as I do, it’s really challenging to consider confining myself to a few topics and keywords to maximize the value from SEO. When you’re writing daily blogs, any topic is a topic.

7. When something’s really stupid, I’ll tweet about it from an account that doesn’t have my name attached. If you don’t have such an account, I recommend you create one and have at it.

8. There are lots of reasons why I don’t follow people on Twitter. It seems like the list of reasons is growing over time. If you’re reading this, and I haven’t followed you, let me know and we’ll correct that.

9. I do persist in following certain people whose behavior on social networks continually frustrates me because it seems important to see what they’re saying.  I keep following others because the amusement level just surpasses the frustration level! For the mathematically-inclined:

If ∑ Amusement > ∑ Frustration, then @Brainzooming = Follower

10. I’ve not yet posted a question on Quora.

11. Even though I never go to the site, I do look at Empire Avenue emails to see what my daily earnings are. It’s almost always $64.13. I have no idea why this amount, how it’s arrived at, or whether any checks will ever be issued. One weekend, however, my earnings dropped in half, and in a panic, started tweeting more.

12. It’s important to me to leave trails of helpful ideas if I’m going to invest time on social networks. I expect others to do the same. And it’s always appreciated when you let me know if the ideas I’m sharing are helpful . . . or if they aren’t. Social media silence sucks, as we all know.

13. I pray for a day when social networks undergo tremendous consolidation resulting in fewer, really robust social networks to have to join and try out . . .  because I’m running out of time!

That’s my social networking confession for today. Is there any thing you’d care to share and unburden your conscience? – Mike Brown

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6 Responses to “Social Networks – 13 Disclosures about Facebook, Twitter and the Rest”

  1. Cheri Allbritton says:

    Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly like you any more than I do, you go and write a post like this that makes me smile through the whole thing! Why am I smiling you ask? (You did ask, right?) You are essentially telling my story…lol. Wonderful post Mike!

  2. Kate Crockett says:

    You know how I feel about #7. 🙂

    • Mike Brown says:

      That’s why I went back in and put a link in to your counterpoint blog post on #7, Kate!

    • I agree with both of you on #7! Authenticity is needed
      for sure, but sometimes your personal views can damage your business and
      keeping it professional is the best thing – ie keep it to yourself!

      I recently discovered that two of my followers, (one male, one
      “female”), are one and the same person. He’s having some fun with it. Apparently people tweet differently to the
      male and “female” him. He’s not doing any harm, and apart from the
      man who has taken a bit of a shine to the “female”, I think all will
      be well!

      I guess best thing
      is, think twice, post once.
      Love the authenticity of this post Mike 🙂 Of course, now I’m wondering what your other twitter handle is…

      • Mike Brown says:

        Since you see both sides, Helen, maybe you can mediate between @6129d1b6916045790764053e9042b6cd:disqus and me on this topic about authenticity and multiple social media presences. : )

        Love the phrase, “Think twice, post once”!