My Strategic Thinking about What’s Hard

Before you launch, create a backstop for the parts of your business that will be HARDEST. It is important for longevity.

Its-Hard-The-WhoBeing able to calm yourself through the HARD parts of what you do is a vital business skill to develop in yourself.

HARD is relative, but ideally, your relatives make the HARD stuff you do easier through their love and support.

Even if you cannot nail the HARD tasks in front of you right now, don’t lose sight of them. The day will come when you conquer them.

It’s the HARD stuff you do that makes the breakthroughs incredible. That’s why you HAVE TO celebrate the breakthroughs.

For me, prayer makes the HARD parts of entrepreneurship frustrating and just distractions. Without prayer, they would be fatal . . . in a business sense.

Hard Thoughts from The Who

“Anyone can do anything if they hold the right card. So I’m thinking about my life now; I’m thinking very HARD.” – Pete Townshend

Mike Brown


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2 Responses to “Strategic Thinking – Making What’s Hard Easier”

  1. Mike Brown says:

    BTW . . . I was at this show in Dallas. I was about 3 years old. ; )

  2. Ha! Well, I was a 2 year old and in college at that time. Mature for my age, I guess.