Here’s another installment in Strategic Thinking Snippets – ideas first shared on Twitter and now collected and arranged for Brainzooming. This Strategic Thinking Snippet installment focused on identifying strategic direction and managing through change.

  • A lot of effort gets spent solving wrong problems. Important Safety Tip: Invest the time to figure out the right thing to fix.
  • If you don’t start with questions, it’s really easy to solve the wrong problem. Go ahead…ask questions.
  • Without a strategic foundation, even bad ideas can masquerade as great ones. Don’t skip the strategy step.
  • Being able to recall past patterns is key to strategic thinking, no matter how you’re able to recall them.
  • As important as recall is for strategic thinking, looking at things anew is vital also. Together, they’re transforming.
  • Be careful of “never” & “always” statements. The real frequency is “almost always” between these 2 extremes.
  • Sometimes you need a mini-crisis to drive change. Know how to create one, if necessary.
  • Force yourself to put things you think are really good in new settings. You’ll find many new ways to improve them!
  • Get comfortable with the intriguing twists life takes that you could never anticipate. Simply enjoy them!

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