Regularly walking outside is great exercise and a wonderful start toward living a healthier lifestyle and losing weight.

Walking around a gym (even with all the available tools), hanging out, and talking with people, however, doesn’t do a lot for one’s health or weight loss.

Yet it’s pretty common to see people who desperately need aggressive exercise simply putting in their time with minimal effort in using the tools available for them to accomplish a significant objective.

The same principle applies to work.

You can embrace the activities and resources necessary to progress significantly on the opportunities in front of you. Or are you can simply hang out, wander around, and avoid doing the hard stuff you know you need to be doing.

So what’s your strategy for approaching your career?Mike Brown

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Mike Brown

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2 Responses to “Success Strategies – Wandering Around Won’t Help You Lose Weight or Advance Your Career”

  1. Good thought-provoking post. It can be very tempting to equip yourself with the tools to do something, without actually ever doing anything. One thing that really gets me is endless planning and preparation without any actual implementation. We can all have thoughts about doing something, but doing it is a whole other story! That’s where it takes guts 🙂

    • Mike Brown says:

      Lauren – Thanks for stopping by to comment. There are a lot of people who do spend their time getting outfitted with all the trappings of doing something, but never actually do it. In our planning approach, we break things into small steps so that it’s much easier for people to get started implementing. It’s all about making the first step look really manageable to begin the climb to something better!