In the airport last week, I saw a “chunky” guy who had drawn a black line through the label sewn to the back of his jeans. That way, nobody could read his waist size. Interesting approach, but here’s an alternative – just cut off the label.

It was funny to see this site, but let’s all ask ourselves a question. What challenges or nuisances do WE try to “black out” that could actually be removed from our lives completely, if we were able to look at them in new ways?

Careful – don’t fool yourself!

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2 Responses to “The Only Person You’re Fooling Is Yourself”

  1. Jim Joseph says:

    I remember doing that as a kid … I guess with adult-hood comes a little confidence.  I wear my label, size and all, with pride!  JIM

    • Mike Brown says:

      My goal for a long time was to get back into square jeans (same waist as inseam). Then because the sizes where I buy jeans are so messed up, I’ve actually had to get 2 inch longer jeans…so now, I have rectangular jeans with length 2 inches longer than waist. Much better than when my waist was 6 INCHES bigger than the inseam!