Here are a few of the topics I was tweeting about this week:

The Rapture didn’t happen last weekend. The lesson? When the boss tells you NOBODY knows the answer to a question, don’t be a brown-noser and try to answer the question anyway.

The labels YOU place on yourself can either free you or close off opportunities. Be careful which, if any, you pick!

There’s no policy that says you have to let everything that happens in your life define you. Be a Teflon person and protect yourself.

When you’re getting ready for a difficult conversation with someone, think about the challenging points you’re going to need to make. How many of them apply to you also?

Whenever and whatever you edit, leave lots of white space.

It’s easy to be busy. It’s hard to be productive.

Trust me – it’s not always advisable to pick the first words that show up at your mouth.

If you’ve dealt with a challenging client, write down what was challenging. Re-read it next time they call you about working with them.

Sometimes the project you’re working on is trying to tell you it’s done. You’re simply not listening.

Watching the first Oprah shows I’ve seen in something like a 150 years this week, “Oprah Behind the Scenes” was a lot more engaging than her regular show. The “how do they do that” element really got me interested.

Having said that, Oprah shared some decent life lessons in her wrap-up show (paraquoted here) – Get yourself-perceptions out of the way to be able to see your blessings. Every single person you meet is looking for validation. Every person wants to be heard. God’s voice is with all of us. We decide whether we ignore it or do something about it.

Remember – a platitude gets tweeted halfway around the world before something of substance has a chance to be ignored.Mike Brown

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8 Responses to “Thoughts from Twitter this Week”

  1. Jim Joseph says:

    No rapture and no more Oprah … all in one week.  And you managed to get them both into one blog post.  Impressive.  Love it!  Jim

    • Anonymous says:

      It was definitely a big week for things you never thought would happen, Jim. Thanks for instigating #OprahEXP on Wednesday!

  2. Brilliant – just wish I knew who from to retweet some of them. And oh boy have I learned “Trust me – it’s not always advisable to pick the first words that show up at your mouth.” the hard way!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Caron – all the comments started out as tweets from my account. Some
      of them got expanded and grouped together. It’s what you do on a Thursday
      night when you’re trying to do a Friday post: pull from your tweets during
      the past week!

  3. Cheri Allbritton says:

    I am curious Mike, what hashtag would you have used for the Rapture so we all could have commented?

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s a fun topic Cheri . . . what would the #Rapture hashtags have been?

      #ImAlreadyGone (For the Eagles fans)

      What would you have used?

      • Cheri Allbritton says:

        #PR for (Project Rapture)

        although I really do like #ImAlreadyGone

  4. AlexanderG says:

    Great stuff Mike.