The Business Marketing Association national conference was a tremendous learning opportunity, and not only because of its presentations. A small group of us were afforded the opportunity to live tweet, blog, and video the conference to produce content for the BMA website during the conference. It’s worth taking a look at the posts written by the social media team for overview of the range of content.

In the interim, here are tweets from three of the stand out presentations:

David Meerman Scott

  • amylillard: Old rules – beg, buy, bug for attention. New rule – earn attention by publishing your way in. Power to the people!
  • PaladinStaff: “on the web you are what you publish”
  • BlueSilverInc: Great example of viral video. Happy Birthday Sarbanes Oxley. YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/4xwkeq
  • EvaEKeiser: Be cool in social media… Don’t do anything your mom wouldn’t like.
  • johndigles: :The web, social media isn’t about tech or products, it’s about people. Why fear it? Play fair. “Word of mouse” marketing.
  • simasays: Stock photos = Visual gobbledygook. Those sleek multicultural peeps are so not your customers.
  • BzoomingLive: Learn to get comfortable w/ losing control of ur content. Challenging for marketers! Grateful Dead did it!
  • BzoomingLive: German B2B Marketing Company: CWS – Example frm @dmscott Created World Wide Rave http://bit.ly/11QZoY
  • BzoomingLive: Web very efficient for reaching targeted group – allows you to reach tiny audience, no matter where, if understand them.

Scott Davis

  • glenslens: I’m thinking CMO stands for Chief Masochist Officer…tenure is shorter than some Euro vacations.
  • Brainzooming: “Horizontal POV” – Key for marketers to see across business. Have to have P&L mindset, even if don’t own P&L
  • Brainzooming: If u haven’t had P&L responsibility, then spend 1st 6 months as CMO in the field, making sales calls, ringing cash registers. Scott Davis.
  • Brainzooming “Brand dropping” – Defn: Mentioning the well-known brands that u’ve consulted with in the last month.

Andy Sernovitz

  • amylillard: “Now is the time to build an army of fans who will advertise you for free” @sernovitz
  • Brainzooming: Point at dinner last night – key is to integrate social media activities w/ underlying strategy to drive sales.
  • glenslens: Marketing is what you do, not say, says Andy. Well said. @sernovitz
  • johndigles: :Word-of-Mouth topics are portable, repeatable, emotional. If it works in a news release, it probably won’t be WOM. @sernovitz
  • amylillard: Your customers are not necessarily your talkers. Think about who influences them, and focus there. (Ex – taxi drivers for Wynn)
    glenslens: Advertising is the cost of being boring. (Being remarkable is more than page deep.) @sernovitz
  • tkincolorado: Quite simply, happy customers are your best ads. – @sernovitz
  • amylillard: Final thought @sernovitz – Better companies that are nice to people make more money.

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