Creative Leadership


Personal Creativity and Taking the NO Out of InNOvation

Presentation Description: Ask nearly any business professional if innovation is important for career success and the answer is typically “YES.” Ask them if they’d like to be more innovative, and you’ll usually hear “YES” again. But ask if they have a plan & an approach to continually become more innovative, and you’ll likely hear “NO.” If these answers sound like they’re yours, then you’ll benefit from this session which helps to take the “NO” out of InNOvation. This innovation training presentation will teach you how to:

  • Exploit the creativity you already possess
  • Open up to a more creative perspective on life
  • Benefit from new creative techniques right away

Idea Magnets – 7 Keys to Cultivating Creative Business Leaders

Presentation Description: Do you know leaders that are both personally creative and easily cultivate dynamic ideas in those around them? These “idea magnets” and their creative practices fuel leadership success, attract engaged team members, and create high-impact innovation.  Attracting and cultivating vibrant creative thinking within work teams is a vital leadership skill.  This presentation shares share techniques to enhance personal and team creative leadership skills, no matter the industry. Specific take-aways include:

  • Techniques to strengthen leadership impact with a creatively-diverse team
  • Methods to identify unique connections in people and ideas to maximize creative thinking
  • Processes to translate creative thinking into change, progress, and results

Busting Creativity Barriers – An Inspiring Dose of Brainzooming

Presentation Description: Creative idea magnets do more than simply suggest or encourage creativity. Being an idea magnet means cultivating your own creativity, serving as an energy source to attract creativity in others, and making sure all of your creative efforts support your team accomplishing its goals. Strengthen your creative powers in this fun, highly interactive event where you’ll learn tools and techniques to help you:

  • Awaken and strengthen your creative talents and those of your team
  • Incorporate Brainzooming into your daily routine to foster creativity in diverse aspects of life
  • More effectively repel the forces that stifle creativity and accomplishment

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