Social Media & Content Marketing

Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy

Presentation Description: Social media is a hot business topic with pressure on business leaders to dive in even without a solid strategy. In reality, social media is simply another new way to connect with important audiences. This interactive session provides a fundamental approach for assessing social media opportunities and incorporating social media into business efforts. Specifics covered include:

  • Developing your strategy from an underlying social media framework
  • Employing simple tools to coordinate business objectives, strategy, and desired audience targets
  • Planning for critical factors in implementing a successful strategy


Creating Fantastic Content for Business Blogging

Presentation Description: Everyone’s talking about blogging for business, but how do you develop the approach, topics, and creativity to go from talking to writing a blog regularly?  This session features lessons derived from regularly generating multiple daily blog articles. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use your blog’s purpose as a foundation for topic ideas
  • Innovatively develop compelling content on a regular basis
  • Develop alternative approaches to creating fresh content


6 Keys to Unlocking and Sharing Your Organization’s Engaging Stories through Social Media

Presentation Description: Sharing an organization’s stories through social media can pose a major time investment to create content and build audience interest. The biggest challenge for many organizations is starting and sustaining a social media effort with regular content that is meaningful and compelling to important audiences. The fortunate thing is that there are straightforward principles and tactics to make the effort more manageable and yet keep your audiences engaged. Key take-aways will include:

  • Efficiently creating and organizing content ideas into a manageable schedule
  • Empowering and preparing your audiences to participate in creating content
  • Managing a regular schedule of content updates and audience interaction

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