Creating Strategic Impact

Cultivating a Strategic Perspective

Presentation Description: Increasingly, senior management teams are looking for employees with strategic thinking skills to drive smart growth within their organizations. Being the kind of strategic thinker who also delivers results requires being able to easily address what matters in business with insight and innovation. This session highlights an approach to cultivate stronger strategic thinking skills that link directly & quickly to successful plans & results by:

  • Broadly focusing on what’s important to the brand
  • Sharing simple strategic thinking tools to create many more new ideas
  • Prioritizing efforts to increase success rates

Creating Strategic Impact  – Making Great Ideas Reality

Presentation Description: Executives typically want to spend ample time on business strategy. Yet most rarely meet their expectations for sufficiently tackling strategy. And when innovative strategy doesn’t materialize, organizations end up creating financial forecasts disconnected from the ideas and activities needed to bring great ideas to reality. This translates into strategic plans sitting on shelves without meaningfully shaping organizational results. Within this interactive session, Mike Brown will demonstrate how strategy can deliver a more tangible impact within an organization to effectively influence and guide business success. Specific take-aways include:

  • Determining how ready your organization is to embrace broad strategic thinking
  • Using new planning approaches so more employees actively bring new ideas to strategy discussions
  • Taking the first steps toward creating strategic impact

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